A Positive Spin

View PDF Smart technology will allow asset owners to get the most out of their cycle storage facilities, suggests Nick Knight Much attention has been paid to the benefits of cycling for society and cyclists, but what are the asset management advantages of providing better cycle parking facilities in office buildings? Incorporating cycle storage into […]

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Cycle Parking at Stations

View PDF Cycling is of growing impor-tance for users and operators of stations, with sustainable access being highlighted as a requirement by the Department for Transport (DfT), throwing the spotlight on high quality provision of cycle parking. In the Netherlands a mixed-modal approach is adopted at stations, ensuring a seamless transfer from bike to rail, […]

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Why Automated Cycle Parking?

View PDF Cycle parking is an unavoidable necessity that takes up much space and offers little security against theft. Nick Knight explains how automation can bring broad benefits. Cycling is witnessing a revolution around the world, with renewed interest in two wheels instead of four spurred on through promotion of the sport and leisure riding, […]

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Leading the Charge: Offices & Bikes

View PDF Cycle parking can bring financial and sustainability rewards to property investors, and enhanced wellbeing to their tenants. Nick Knight explains the win-win situation. The cycling revolution is likely to continue its impressive growth trajectory, which is great for a healthy lifestyle, yet it has consequences for the commercial property sector. Corporates’ key requirement […]

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Unlocking Housing

View PDF Cycling covers greater distance than walking and improves accessibility to public transport; opening up areas for improved housing density. Premium cycle parking at both ends of the journey can unlock housing. IF – The development is located in a low PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level) zone; and is near a cycle trail or […]

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PRS / BTR and BIKES: Friends or Foes?

View PDF How the humble bicycle could be the secret ingredient that propels residential schemes to the head of the pack. It used to be only couriers, students and the occasional bonefide cyclist who took to two wheels to get around on. Now you can barely move for bikes, with commuters, creatives and families all […]

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